Tuesday, October 12, 2010

S&S Blog Sketch Challenge #38

Now that the weather is changing and I don't have as much mowing, trimming and weeding to do when I get home from work, I'm enjoying having time to make a card or two in the evening.  If I was really clever, I would have waited a day and tried the cracked glass technique and combined it with the latest sketch challenge, but hey, I can do that tonight!  I got this image from a friend and it just happened to be on the exact size paper I needed for this sketch.    Now,  if only I could get my photography up to snuff......


  1. Being a dog lover, I really like this card! It's too, too cute!

  2. Since the dawn of the Stone Age, sketching has been a primary method of human expression, one of man’s many tools of reflection and interpretation.
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