Sunday, June 26, 2011

OWH Sketch #75

When I first saw this sketch, I wasn't so sure I could come up with something because my scraps are pretty   Then I realized I already had lots of ruffles pre-cut for making some red, white and blue ruffle cards, so I made a little adjustment and turned some ruffles into Sketch 75.  I really enjoy the Sunday morning sketch, it helps me think outside of the box.   ~Nancy F.

I'm sure everyone who has been reading our blog regularly (all two of you...) is aware of my niece joining the Navy.  Well, she's going to become a real sailor soon and her gift from her parents is a brand, spanking new laptop.  And I was honored to make her a card to go with it. 
I think she'll be happy with the card, but a million times happier with the laptop!    ~Nancy F.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

OWH Sketch #74

I haven't done a sketch lately, so when I saw this one, I thought it was a good time to get back into the groove.  I made this with a K&Co. tablet, Sleepy Tree.  

This weekend was a busy one for cardmaking.  My sister, Linda, came over again and managed to crank out 8 cards.  Her Hero card with the ship is absolutely awesome!!!!      Can you tell she's a musician?  lol            ~ Nancy F.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Cardmaker - Linda B.

It looks like the Stamp Tramps have enlisted another recruit! Here are Linda B.'s contribution to this month's box of cards shipping to Operation Write Home. We hope to get her to make some more before the end of the month.