Monday, April 29, 2013

Double Duty

We both got into the action this weekend.  The challenges earlier in the week were for flowers and clocks.  (ooops, looks like I forgot my sentiment on the clock card...)
The Sunday Sketch #170 was awesome.  We both enjoyed the heck out of it.   These are mine.
The card below goes to Joanne's cat rescue group, Absolutely Purrfect.  We don't send things like this to the heroes......
And these are Joanne's cards.

It was quite the productive afternoon!
~Nancy F.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finally! A new post!

It's about time!  Talk about slacking!  Well, actually, the slacking was only in the posting, not in the actual card making......
For starters, here's Sketch 169 at Operation Write Home.  The stamp is from Circus Stamps.  I have a lot of these and they go way back.  Some of you know that I am a juggler.  Yes, I said it, a juggler.

Next is the midweek throwdown, a call for bugs.  I went with bees.  I'm also combining this with this month's boot camp - the rule of odds.

I suppose this would also count for the rule of odds, or maybe more like the rule of odd - odd like me.....  I got a little crazy in the booth with all the brads at the rubber stamp show last weekend......
This brings us to last weekend, where I apparently started to slack off.
Sketch 168.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting with Sketch 167............

Here we go again.  Racing to catch up!
First, here's Sketch 167 for this week.  I also combined it with Our Daily Bread's monthly challenge for postage money - Things With Wings -
And one without wings.........
I loved the tuxedo tutorial from the blog hop on Saturday!
Then there was the Midweek Throwdown, tags and twine.
What am I forgetting?   Sketch 166 from last Sunday!  I was going to cheat and skip it, since I "sort of" had already done it, but I made another card anyway.

And then, yesterday, Joanne tramped her way over to my house and we cut up paper, stamped and glue taped the day away. 
She was no slacker.
Wow, Joanne!

I made some more of these -

And then I made some of these -
 Then I made a few of these and I'm questioning whether they are appropriate for OWH or not.  We didn't like the part where it said "Good Bye" so I changed it to "Hi There".  Thoughts?
Thanks for peeking in!