Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I've been neglecting the blog, but not the cards.  This is one of my very favorite stamps, even though it's just got a foam backing and it's really, really old.
I went thrift store shopping with a good friend and found this Stampin' Up set for $2.99.  
These are from the same set.  They're great fun to play with and I'm enjoying getting back to the stamping basics.  And getting ink all over my fingers.  And the table.  And my clothes.  
Using up some cute owl papers....
I always try to throw some manly man cards into the mix.
This stamp is from Just For Fun.  They're slightly smaller than A2, which OWH requires, but I always send 
along a couple of extra sheets of paper in each envelope, so I hope they will still meet the requirements.

Nancy F.

An end note.  The dog has been very bad.  I nominated him to the Dog Hall Of Shame.. 
For twelve years, he never paid it any attention.  Now, suddenly, it's a smorgasbord.