Sunday, September 23, 2012

OWH - Sketch 139

It's a beautiful fall day here in the Lehigh Valley area of Penna.  I'll putter around the garden a little while I wait for some friends to come over.  We'll be making cards for Operation Write Home, of course!
Here's what Sketch 139 inspired me to do.  This is what popped into my head immediately when I saw the sketch.  Isn't it strange how that happens?  Or is it just!
~Nancy F.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OWH Midweek Throwdown

Since I'm home from work and waiting for the DirecTV repairman (he was scheduled for noon and it's almost 3), I've got plenty of time to make a card for the midweek throwdown.  I stole this sketch from Pam, I really like it.
I liked it so much, I made a second.  I'll be writing in these and sending them off in my next box to Caro.
~Nancy F.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day Two - VCMP!!!!

Sketch #136 starts off day two of the Virtual Card Making Party for Operation Write Home.  I made these two cards for my neighbor, who is constantly fattening me up with her baked goods.
Challenge No. 7 was for Christmas cards - one for a child and one for a hero.
For No. 8, Cherie asked for a sports theme.  I only found a swimming stamp and then I remembered a set of sports stickers that I found on sale at Big Lots last year.
My next challenge was to use a neglected tool.  This was funny, because it was also discussed on another blog that I follow, Stampin' With The Oldies.  I chose my trusty old crimper.  When I first got it, I couldn't put it down.
For our last challenge, we were asked to make a card that represents the state we live in.   This card doesn't really represent my state, but it's all I could come up with.
Aftermath of two day virtual card making................
Looks like day three will be the big cleanup.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day - OWH Virtual Cardmaking Party - Woo hoo!

The first challenge is from Our Daily Bread designs, who regularly donates postage money to Operation Write Home.  I have been wanting to try the triple stamp technique ever since Cherie and her friends showed it to me at the big OWH card making bash last week.  I used Kim's Stampin' Up fall leaves stamps and I love how these turned out.  I'll be making more and this technique is really fun!
The second challenge is a recipe - image, patterned paper and words.  Easy peasy!  The stamp is from Snake Oil Sam and I stamped it multiple times, then cut out of few and put them on pop dots.  I made a bunch of these kits for last week but ended up bringing them home.  The other Cardaholics and I are planning on getting together in a few weeks to finish putting together all our kits that were left over and hopefully that will take care of coloring in Pennsylvania on the OWH Birthday party map. 
Third challenge!  Snowflakes but  no Christmas!  Did I mention how much I love doing these blog hops just because I am constantly reminded of stuff I have that I don't use?  This is one of those stamps.  I wish I had remembered to write the company on the back, but I didn't.

The fourth challenge turned out to be triple stamping, and I thought, woo hoo, I get a little break.  Well, I went outside to sit on the porch and read a magazine.  I glanced up and noticed a huge spider web attached to one of my hanging plants and a porch post, and the rest is history.  I used a spellbinders die set and had to fussy cut the silver layer myself.  The worst part of this project was that I decided to heat emboss the silver spider web and it was tough to pick up the pieces without messing up the image.
I really wrastled with the fifth challenge!  I reckon it's coz I couldn't find any horse or western rubber anywhere in my corrall!  I got me some swell Dustin Pike digis awhile back and so here ya go, pardners!

And that's it for me for the night!  Thanks for looking in!
~Nancy F.