Sunday, July 29, 2012

OWH Sketch Challenge 131...and some kits...

We had two tramps plus one working on card kits for the big OWH event in Fogelsville, Pa. on Aug. 25th!  Talk about excitement!  lol
I skipped the kit making for the day (wore myself out a bit) and decided just to play around with today's sketch and see what I came up with.  My regular monthly box of cards to mail to Caro is really lacking and I feel so guilty!
Joanne has really been putting in a lot of overtime on her card kits......she's got a ton of them done!
I think it will be fun to see who grabs what kit.  What I like the best is that our kits are so different from each other.  Thanks for looking!   ~Nancy F.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

OWH Sketch Challenge #129

It feels good to get back in the groove with the weekly challenges.  I love how this card came out.  I plan to make several to use at the upcoming card making party for Operation Write Home in August.  And now, my blogger friends, I need some help with ideas for card kits for the party.  So far, I've come up with a few.  These are the easier ones.

I added a few more parts to these:
And then I thought I'd throw in some of these for people who like getting their fingers full of glue.
I need thoughts of how easy/hard to make the kits, how much "stuff" to have around for those who want to do their own thing and how do you figure out how many kits to have when you don't really have a firm head count?  Thanks for looking, and for reading this far....and for any suggestions you might have.  ~Nancy F.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

OWH Sketch Challenge #128

The blog has been stagnant for a little while.  We've been in the midst of planning a card making day and have been preoccupied with making kits for the event. 
I sort of feel like I cheated on this one, but I just had to tear myself away from making kits before I went crazy......ooops, too late.

Our Daily Bread Challenge For OWH Postage Again!

This months challenge is to think “cool.”  And how awesome that Our Daily Bread will pay the postage for a box of cards to be shipped to our heroes!  I hope this card helps put us over the 25 cards we need to win the challenge.