Sunday, January 30, 2011

OWH Sketch 54

Hard to believe, but I've actually done two sketches in a row.  This is Operation Write Home's sketch #54.  I had a lot of trouble with this one, and I can't seem to figure out why.  I stamped up the mice last night and was anxious to see if I'd be able to incorporate it into this week's sketch, and as for the sizing, it worked out well.  I even managed to use the circle like I supposed to, instead of a square, like I've done in the past.  My first attempt was so bad that I won't even post it.  I tried to go light and airy, flowery and springlike and ugh, I just hated the card.  And now that I take a good look at this card, and compare it to the sketch, I see that I took liberties with placing my paper the wrong way.  Status quo for me, apparently..... - Nancy F.

Two days later........................................
And so, since I really didn't like that card very much, I decided to take another stab at it, and using scraps, came up with this rendition.  Funny, I've noticed that whenever I decide to just use scraps, I'm so much  more creative.  Does anyone else notice that when they use their scraps?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cardmaking Frenzy! Yippee!

We're heading off to our very first Cardaholics Anonymous meeting and are we psyched!  It's hard to know how much stuff to take without dragging along everything we own!  Hopefully it will be one of many, many more meetings and we can get the word out for our favorite cause, Operation Write Home.

So, this tramp was up really early stamping this morning.  And what better inspiration than the S&S Blog's Sketch #53.  There wasn't a lot of time, so I cheated and used a sticker.  I'd had them for at least 2 years and since 2011 is my year of "using things up", it was time.  It's not fancy, I usually use more borders, but it was early, and my mind kept wandering back to what I should pack up......  What to take.....what to take....what to take......     - Nancy F.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MidWeek Throwdown - White on White With A Pop!

I haven't been here for awhile so I figured it was time to get something done.  Operation Write Home's MidWeek Throwdown was just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing - White on White with a pop of color ... one of my favorite looks for a card.  A small cheat in that I had this imaged colored already but I knew it would be the perfect one to use for this style.  This is such a nice look and it's so simple - a couple of embossing folders, a few nesties, a colored image and VOILA - a card !    Joanne M

Monday, January 17, 2011

I know it's not round

So.  I need some advice.  I'm making this card for my niece.  She's turning 19 and will be going into the Navy soon, and I wanted to make sure that this year's card was extra special.  I followed Sketch 52, sort of.....not round, I know, I know.  But this stamp has a rectangle border on it already, and cutting it out and putting it on a circle didn't seem right.  So I need advice.  Is it too plain?  Does it need a bow on the ribbon?  Flowers?  Was denksht?  (Pa. Dutch - what do ya think?).   - Nancy F.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unused and Unloved

One of the recent projects on the S&S Blog at OWH is to use some unused or unloved products.  It's not that these things of mine are unloved, but they only get used once in a great while.  I have some musicians and vocalists in my family so these things do get used, but usually only at certain birthday times.  Let's hope none of my musical family peeps are looking.........    - Nancy F.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

OWH Sunday Sketch #51

Well, will wonders never cease, it looks like I'm on time.  Don't worry, it's just a fluke, I'm still working on hero cards with the fancy sticker stash that my sister gave me for Christmas.  She just happened to pop in to pick up cards for her friends to write to the heroes and that gave me the perfect opportunity to use Sketch #51!  And thanks to Sandy ( for some more good ideas on what to do with my Navy stickers!
 If only I could learn how to take a better photo... - Nancy F.

No time to say hello-goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!!!

In keeping with my theme of being late, here's a card I made for Sunday Sketch #49.  How many weeks ago was that?  And the card's keeping with the whole lateness theme too!
Maybe Joanne will post something more current, but I know for a fact that she's got the cleaning bug this weekend, so we'll just have to wait and see. - Nancy F.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thinking Of You - For Kids

Resolved for the New Year - blog more and try to get more people who want to even look!  It's a strange day for me, I'm not at work like usual.  So when I saw the Stars and Stamps blog for Thinking Of You cards, my day was made!   Most of the time, if I even get to make a card for the S&S blog, I'm days and days late.  It's hard to get anyone to look at your blog when that's what constantly here I am, right on time, for a change.  Let's hope I can keep it up...  And when I can't, let's hope Joanne M. has time to pick up the slack!   -Nancy F.