Saturday, July 2, 2011

Virtual Cardmaking Party - Operation Write Home

I love this stuff!  Everyone has such great ideas and comes up with such interesting challenges.  The parties and blog hops always make me dredge up some old item or technique that's been buried for a long time.  Today I started with Challenge #1 - use camouflage.  And so I cheated.  I already had both of these cards in pieces, waiting for assembly. And I knew I had used the last of my camouflage paper on them, so I glued them together.   I needed the head start because the local Cardaholics group was meeting this afternoon and I lost some good cardmaking time, putting things together to take to that.

The second challenge was to make a card with a fishbowl.  Well, alas, I have no fishbowl.  BUT - there's always a way around it.  I have a snow globe stamp!  So.......  I decided my fish would just have to be swimming in a snow globe.  I first thought of using some old transparencies to stamp on, then decided to pull out my Twinkling H2O paints.  I bought them years ago, along with some special paper that the same vendor talked me into.  I had a blast with them. I embossed a strip of brown to look like a table, cut the edge off a paper doily and used a background paper that reminded me of wallpaper.  I also tested out some new type of liquid pearls for the bubbles in the water.....wish I would have made two of them right from the start.....but isn't that always the way it goes?  Then it was off to my meeting.
Well, the meeting didn't go as planned, especially since I turned out to be the only one who showed up....  :-(
But this just gives me more time for the rest of the challenges.  :-)
The third card was a color challenge called Tie A Yellow Ribbon.  I used a cute tree stamp by Judith and the first tablet that I grabbed had the peach butterfly paper in it, so I didn't have to look very far to find my materials this time. 
Next time, I'll use a smaller tree, the pretty butterfly paper barely shows.....
Challenge #4 was from my "neighbor," Carol, down Rt. 100, in Gilbertsville.  It's called Freedom.
The next challenge is making me nervous.  Vintage Distressed.   I had a rough time coming up with something for this one.  I don't know if it's really very vintage, but it did get distressed.
#6.  Howling at the moon.  Awesome idea.  I thought, how easy is this?  I'll just go into my Halloween stuff and do a spooky house with a moon.  So I did.  And it went into the trash........ This is the second effort.
The final challenge for Saturday was #7.  Subway Summer.  I had never heard of subway style.  But this one was easy.  And it was fun reminiscing too.  I'll end up mailing this one to a friend I grew up with.
Last but not least, challenge #8.  I just bought this stamp, and as soon as you see it, you'll know why I immediately knew that was what I would use the minute I saw the inspiration photo.
Finally!  Done with Saturday's challenges!  Moving on to Sunday!  (I'm really enjoying this, can you tell?) 
~Nancy F.


  1. Love all your cards. That fishbowl was very innovative. Thanks for participating in my challenge(s).

  2. Cute cards, I love your snowglobe fishbowl, that is very crafty!

  3. you did a wonderful job with these challenges! I love your creativity with the fishbowl challenge!! That challenge completely stumped me so far! Thanks for making a card for my freedom challenge too! Your cards are all awesome :)

  4. Each one of these is awesome! And I'm so jealous you live near Carol :) LOVE the fishbowl in a snowglobe...with Christmas coming I think I'll need to use that idea!

  5. WOW!!! All of your cards are beautiful!!! and I don't know why you were nervous with your vintage/distressed came out perfect....that image is totally vintage!!! Love them ;)

  6. Wow! What a great bunch of cards. I want to sit on the porch with a glass of tea and wave to the neighbors. The dimensional butterflies on the yellow ribbon card are great and the fish globe is stellar!

  7. Just saw Dorney Park in your subway card. Great memories! My husband is from PA and when we would all gather at his house in Doylestown, his parents would take the whole mess of us to Dorney Park. Love the bottle caps on that one too.

  8. Love the snowglobe idea!! Thanks for playing along.