Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Year's Resolution

Over the holidays, I decided to make it my mission to go through all the weekly sketches at Operation Write Home, and make a card for each one of them, and I noticed a lot of other OWH'rs are doing the same thing.  I've been enjoying the Sunday Sketch Challenge for quite some time, but I knew I didn't get in on it right from the start, so what better time to get a move on?
Then, last week, the most amazing thing happened.  I was given 2 boxes of stamps......  Two....whole.....boxes.......AWESOME.......... I am having THE BEST TIME!!!! (yes, I'm shouting...and thank you, Kim!)
So.  I've made it through #32.  More to come later!   ~Nancy F.


  1. Girl, you are out of control! What a great start on ALL the sketches! These look terrific too. I may have to tell Caro to give me a call when your cards arrive so I can go over to see them in person.

  2. You are VERY welcome! I'm so glad they are getting used by someone so talented (and sweet)!