Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OWH Midweek Throwdown

Since I'm home from work and waiting for the DirecTV repairman (he was scheduled for noon and it's almost 3), I've got plenty of time to make a card for the midweek throwdown.  I stole this sketch from Pam, I really like it.
I liked it so much, I made a second.  I'll be writing in these and sending them off in my next box to Caro.
~Nancy F.


  1. what great cards! I'm a big fan of mixing prints together as well :-)

  2. They are both just awesome, Nancy! I have been printing off so much of my neglected r-w-b digi stuff, I should be able to get some Hero cards put together soon. You sure knocked these out of the ball park! ^5

  3. You've created a pair of wonderful hero cards, and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog tags on the chain! Brilliant idea!

  4. So simple, so perfect. Our heroes will be happy to receive each of these cards!