Sunday, September 28, 2014

Where did September go????

Sketch #240 -  I love this little gnome.  I stamped him and masked him and stamped the birch trees on top.
The background is just white paper with ink brushed over top.
Pigs!  Who doesn't love pigs!  I'm getting used to limiting my cards to five of a kind now.  OWH is only accepting multiples of five with the draw down of troops and a less need for cards.

I learned a little lesson about not putting my initials on the backs of my cards and have finally started to be
diligent about it.

Thank goodness there are plenty of Seinfeld reruns, or else a lot of the troops out there would be too young to even know what Yada, yada, yada was all about......

Finally getting back to the all time consuming activity of real stamping.  I love getting all inky.  I'm also using these as part of the September Challenge from Our Daily Bread Designs - make your own background.  

Thanks for checking in!
Nancy F.


  1. Whoa Nancy, you're on a serious creative roll! I think you've done a fantastic job on each card, and I love all the designs - especially the love cards! OK, so what is the lesson you've learned about doing your initials on the card backs? I never initial mine - should I be doing that?!

  2. Just like Carol said in a comment you've done a fantastic job with each of these cards. So much creativity!
    I'm also like to know the lesson? smile...

  3. You may not be posting much, but you sure have not lost your touch! I just love the gnome, and well, the piggies make ME want to dance. You have the best stamps, and it shows all the way down to the bottom card.

  4. Hi Nancy! Sorry I haven't stopped by in quite awhile but I wanted to tell you how much I love your cards!! So much beauty, it's hard to choose a favorite but your little gnome card is really really gorgeous!!