Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blogging Twice A Year Is Not Acceptable.............

Sadly, my work for Operation Write Home has come to an end.  I enjoyed making cards for our nation's heroes but now there is not the need as there was in the past - which is a good thing!  I will eventually find
another outlet for my cards.  Anyone out there with some good suggestions?  Here are a few samples from the last batch of cards that I will be sending....  sad face....

Just messing around with some solid stamps....

 Love this dog face!

 Playing with old toys....

Monkey love for the heroes -

I always try to throw in some manly wheel type stuff ..

This one is a special birthday card for an old friend.  I saw something similar on Pinterest, but it was a baby
card with bottles and rattles.  I needed cats......  I was very happy with how it turned out.


  1. I've been thinking about you for a solid week, wondering if you're OK since you haven't posted in forever, and bingo! You posted some great cards! I love the dog cards and especially the cats in the bureau! Fun stuff!
    I make lots of cards for Cards for Hospitalized Kids, as well as valentines for the Cards from the Heart Drive. I also make cards for the nursing home card drives at Christmas. As for those military-themed cards, "thinking of you" and "miss you" cards - I don't think I'll be making them anymore, because I have no idea what I'd use them for now. If you need any specifics, email me and I'll send some links. Take care and have a good summer - miss ya!!

  2. Been missing you, also. Love the monkey cards and everything else. Glad you are well. I have been blogging less, myself. I have a new puppy which is taking up my crafting time. Have a wonderful summer!

  3. I found your blog through SCS. That dresser card is so cute! Anyway, I donate my cards to a local assisted living home. There are 16 residents and the staff to support them. I tell them that they are for staff as well as residents because the residents are on limited incomes and the staff make next to minimum wage. I enjoy donating to them.

  4. All great cards as always! I especially like the "Cats" cute and creative. You were so faithful with sending your cards, I know that all those lovely cards were appreciated.

    I will never forget that wonderful day when we were able to meet you at the OWH card making event. It was a very special day in many ways.