Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yes, I'm a bit of a cheater.  I bought a stamp specifically made for making mosaics from Starving Artistamps a long, long time ago.  I watched them demonstrate and they made it look so easy!  When I got home, not so much!  So I finally tried again.  On my first attempt I used a pigment ink stamp pad that was multicolored.  I used StazOn ink for the tree.  It looks better in the photo than in person.  I tried again using a Versamark stamp pad for the tiles and then StazOn black for the dragonflies.  Then I embossed with clear powder.  The effect is much better, but for some reason, when I heated the embossing powder, it turned a pinkish color.  I'm not a pink person, so I was a little taken aback, but found some paper and ribbon and worked it out.  I definately will keep trying with the mosaic stamp, but I need to work on something more manly......


  1. 'cheater' or not these came out really nice

  2. I'd cheat too if I were to try this again. You're right. It's harder than it appears. I just threw out some rubber, so I would go with a stamp too. Yours turned out great! It's hard to stamp on embossing without slipping and smearing.

  3. I haven't tried this yet, but I think if you stamp the design first, then stamp and emboss the mosaic, it might be easier than trying to stamp on top of the embossing.