Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still Hacking Away At It

I'm still working my way through the blog hop!!  I know, insane!  Here's the latest installlment.  I like the looks of my spinner cupcake card, but the stinkin' cupcake just won't spin.  I bought some new popdots this weekend and will keep at it until I get it right.  Lucky for me, I'm on vacation this week, I hope to be doing a lot of cards in the next couple of days.  If not, I'll be lucky to finish this blog thing I started before Christmas!
I love the simplicity of the card in the center and I did some more paper piecing on the flower vase.  I borrowed Joanne's Whipper Snappers again, I can't stay away from them, they're just too darn cute!  More later.....N.


  1. geez I guess you're still hacking away at it ..
    they're all really nice - and you're way ahead of me in the Valentine department ....

  2. What a great bunch of Valentines! I've never tried a spinner before so good luck with your cupcake!!