Sunday, December 5, 2010

Operation Write Home MidWeek Throwdown - Animals

I had a very interesting day today taking pet pictures with Santa for my cat rescue group.  The pet store we do our adoptions in sets it all up and pays for everything - we pretty much just have to show up and take the pictures and all proceeds come to us.  We figure it's money for nothing and it's usually fun. It's mostly dogs, which is what we expect because while we are obviously cat people even we wouldn't attempt to take our cats to an event like this. We did have one little boy with his cat and his hamster but that was about as exotic as it got. We've seen ferrets in the past and we're still waiting for someone to show up with a snake or a pig ..... maybe next year ...... We were a little concerned in the morning because no one was showing up at all but one of the women in the group kept us entertained with stories of her trips to Europe as part of her church choir and  to the wilds of Alaska as a missionary for the Moravian church -- think Northern Exposure if you're old enough to remember that show -- but even more remote. I and the young man playing Santa were amazed at her adventures, a woman older than I am and someone who to look at you would never imagine has been through such experiences.....  it's very true that you can't judge a book by it's cover ...
And none of that has anything to do with the OWH MidWeek Throwdown so on to that ....  the theme this week was animals, a fitting subject for me today, and I'm sure anyone that knows me is shocked that I didn't use one of my numerous cat stamps but I figured this would be more of a surprise and I love these guys.  The penguins are from Cats Pajamas and the paper is again from the DCWV Citrus stack. And I guess spending the day taking pictures threw me off a bit because this one's pretty much crooked but that's how it's staying...

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  1. Your birthday penguins are adorable! How true in not assuming anything about people, once you start to visit an whole new world opens up. ;) Thanks for playing in our animal challenge at Operation Write Home!