Sunday, October 7, 2012

OWH - Sketch 141 and some others

I hope everyone was productive for World Card Making Day!
Here are my results from Sketch 141.
I had these images pre-colored, but the light shading didn't really show up on the photos.
I'm trying really hard not to use Christmas stamps because I know I'll never get a box
filled in time to send to Caro, so I'm sticking with just winter stuff.
Nothing finishes out a blog post like monkeys..............
~Nancy F.


  1. These are all so fantastic, Nancy...I especially like the ones with the cabic...all so nicely colored!

  2. Ditto what you said, Nancy! I only do one of a kind whith the cards, and I will not fill a box by the end of the month. I love that your colors are soft on the cabins. The stripes and snowflakes are great on the sledder. The snow dog is adorable, but I sure do love the monkeys and the dp you used!!!!!!

  3. Your coloring is fantastic!! Love all the cards, Nancy!

  4. I've always been in awe of the way you make so many multiples of each card design - exactly like you've shared here! I really like how you flipped the sketch for those softly colored cabins too! Great cards, all of them!

  5. every blog post should end with monkeys!!!!!