Saturday, August 1, 2015

So Long To An Old Friend

It was strange removing the Operation Write Home badges from the blog.  Now it feels empty.,,,

I will be sending a box of cards to the Oregon Coast Avid Stampers, who have a similar mission.
I decided to work on Clean And Simple.  I have a lot of trouble with it, and just the name would make you
think it was easy, but - far from it!  These look clean and simple, but they took a long time!


  1. I'm with you on the CAS cards! I struggle with making them too, and my blog seems odd without the OWH logo, but time marches on and so do we :) You did a great job on this pair of cards, and I love your new blog look too! It's wild!!

  2. Nice cards! You did a great job with CAS. Just like Carol said in a comment above me...I struggle too with making CAS cards...

    I like the look of your blog too...It pops!

  3. CAS is far from simple. It is all about the balance, and since I am always a bit off kilter, not an easy task. You made a couple of real beauties here, Nancy! As for the papers, find an adult day care that does projects. As I sort out my small prints, I will be setting mine aside to donate to them.

  4. You nailed it! The gradient of color is perfection.