Sunday, August 30, 2015


I saw a photo in a magazine that used leaf punches.  Somehow, I was inspired, but ended up using stencils.
I had tucked them away and intended to get rid of them.  I think I'll keep them now.

These are from one of those packs of paper I bought, which I should have left in the store.  Too many like pages to deal with!  It'll be years before I can use it all up. 


  1. I have that same stencil you used, and it makes a great border doesn't it? The card set you made with them is very simple and pretty, and I love the ribbon accent! Fun cards for the 2nd set too - even if you'll be looking at this dsp for a time to come :)

  2. Oh I love that stencil and I'm glad you are going to keep them now. They make for a lovely card. I've picked up paper like that before and got home and said to myself "What were you thinking?" Have a fun Sunday.

  3. Great card designs...You have a nice start for fall here.

    Thank you for the nice comments on my blog.
    Yes, I make my own base for the step cards but to tell you the truth I never seem to get them perfectly lined up, but I use them anyway.
    Like you I purchased some card bases at the last stamp show I went to. (to make some tri shutter cards. I always have the most trouble cutting those bases out)
    I'd love to see you use your card bases and make a side step card. They're fun, and I know with your creativity it will be a wow card!

  4. Love the CAS stencil cards, and the fun semi spooky paper on the second is adorable.

  5. Those leaves look great! Glad you didn't toss the stencils.