Monday, April 8, 2013

Starting with Sketch 167............

Here we go again.  Racing to catch up!
First, here's Sketch 167 for this week.  I also combined it with Our Daily Bread's monthly challenge for postage money - Things With Wings -
And one without wings.........
I loved the tuxedo tutorial from the blog hop on Saturday!
Then there was the Midweek Throwdown, tags and twine.
What am I forgetting?   Sketch 166 from last Sunday!  I was going to cheat and skip it, since I "sort of" had already done it, but I made another card anyway.

And then, yesterday, Joanne tramped her way over to my house and we cut up paper, stamped and glue taped the day away. 
She was no slacker.
Wow, Joanne!

I made some more of these -

And then I made some of these -
 Then I made a few of these and I'm questioning whether they are appropriate for OWH or not.  We didn't like the part where it said "Good Bye" so I changed it to "Hi There".  Thoughts?
Thanks for peeking in!


  1. Wowza! When you catch up, you do it in a big way! I think the Ouija board is fine with your change in the sentiment. The stamp on your sketch 166 is wonderful because it looks so vintage. OWH sure is lucky to have you cranking out all of these cards!

  2. I second the WoWzErS! How do I pick a fave!?!

  3. OK. I'm tired after reading this. You've been so busy!! Love the shoe cards! Do they smell too?

  4. Wow! I now feel like such a slacker! What a super wonderful eclectic group of cards! I'm admittedly envious of you having such a good friend to make cards with and could your puppy be any cuter?

  5. Wow you have been a busy gal! They are so wonderful! You're coloring is so nice, too! It'd take me a month to do all that coloring... My fave is the blue car in the midweek throwdown

  6. Can you say productive! Holy moley! Love it all, but now I am exhausted just thinking about all the work you did here. Great job, Nancy and Joanne!

  7. Wow, you two are like a production machine. Wonderful job getting all of these card made. I think you two are Tremendous Tramps! I love all the card and, yes, I like the Hi There on that last card. The most precious picture if of Ozzi. He is such a good sport and handsome as can be.

  8. before everyone thinks I'm Superwoman I didn't make ALL those cards in one day~~
    some were already done, some were pieces I put together and some were made from scratch still a prductive day though :)

  9. Whew!! You two are dynamos together! What a fabulous stash of cards! I need to come over and hang out with you and learn some production tips! I spent the afternoon making ONE card today! LOL
    I like the swapped-out sentiment too, and the shoe cards are super cute! I love your doggie's sweet expression! Adorable :)

  10. Wow you have been very busy. I like the cards you made for the ODBD challenge of things that fly. Love butterflies and the lacy edge of your card.